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John D'Aquila, CPA, CGMA

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Kim Sanders, CPA, MTA

Tax Manager

Top tax questions from our clients recently.

  • IRC section 199a up to 20% small business deduction for qualified businesses. How does it work?
  • New expanded IRC section 179 bonus depreciation for used vehicles, HVAC systems and other assets. Should I purchase now?
  • End of miscellaneous deductions on schedule A (investment fees etc). How will this impact me?
  • Business meals still 50% deductible but entertainment no longer deductible. How to report?
  • Wayfair decision by Supreme Court impact on sales tax in 10 states starting October 1, 2018. Must I file more returns?
  • Mandatory healthcare insurance ends January 1, 2019. High deductible plans are back. Should I set up an HSA now?

Some concentrations within our client base:

  • Individuals that have businesses, real estate and other investments and require advice from a neutral Trusted Advisor
  • Small businesses doing business both within and outside the USA
  • Web analytics and business intelligence software companies
  • Medical professionals
  • Multi-state tax filers
  • Financial service professionals
  • Medical device and medical services companies
  • Retired and active military clients
  • Intellectual property companies
  • Executives and high net worth individuals with with complex tax situations who may need access to our partners abroad too.

NOTE: While we are a smaller firm we do serve clients in the UK, France, Italy, Indonesia, China, Chile, Canada and elsewhere