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John D'Aquila, CPA, CGMA

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Kim Sanders, CPA, MTA

Tax Manager

Top tax questions from our clients recently.

  • IRC section 199a up to 20% small business deduction for qualified businesses. How does it work?

  • New expanded IRC section 179 bonus depreciation for used vehicles, HVAC systems and other assets. Should I purchase now?

  • End of miscellaneous deductions on schedule A (investment fees etc). How will this impact me?

  • Business meals still 50% deductible but entertainment no longer deductible. How to report?

  • Which states must I file income tax in ? Which must I file sales tax in?

  • Should I set up an HSA now?


  • Should I amend my prior returns for some of the recent retroactive pro taxpayer rules

Some concentrations within our client base:

  • Individuals that have businesses, real estate and other investments and require advice from a neutral Trusted Advisor

  • Small businesses doing business both within and outside the USA

  • Web analytics and business intelligence software companies

  • Medical professionals

  • Multi-state tax filers

  • Financial service professionals

  • Medical device and medical services companies

  • Retired and active military clients

  • Intellectual property companies

  • Executives and high net worth individuals with with complex tax situations who may need access to our partners abroad too.

Serving clients in over 25 states PLUS United Kingdom, France, Italy, Indonesia, Chile, Canada and elsewhere.