The Entrepreneur's Advisor & CPA

Tax and Accounting Advice 

We are a  New York licensed CPA firm  serve local, national and international individual and business clients that require a  higher level of service and advice from CPAs with decades of experience who are both independent and practitioner owned.  We are most known as a Trusted Advisor.  Our Accounting services, Tax compliance  and consulting firm D'Aquila Advisors LLC is based in Jacksonville Florida. 

Need to contact the IRS?  Call 800-829-1040 for individuals.  Call 877-829-5500 for businesses.

Trusted Advisors for Individuals and Businesses

We offer valuable advice pertaining to individual taxation, financial statement presentation, tax compliance and planning, structuring your business ownership,  transactions etc.  New clients accepted by referral only at the present time.   


For clients: Email us regarding other miscellaneous state and local deadlines.